I am leaving very moved, because they far exceeded expectations, they created more interesting questions for us than we expected, there were colleagues who shared life experiences that I did not expect to hear, and the truth was that I was very moved, is this talking a little about memory, also speak a little as a society, and that each one can tell, can come here and share what they lived, what they felt, that experience, things that they had not dared to share in any other space, for me it is already a great achievement this event and for me this event is already a great achievement and we were also able to make this line between what was the memory of the civic-military coup, with the actuality of human rights, which today are also being violated.

Part of the space and collective Liberté de Trabajo, is always trying to put us at stake, to work so that human rights are truly fulfilled.

We also work from the attorney, we are with the same mission, so we like to meet and work together so that human rights are for everyone.

Regarding Liberté, he pointed out that it is his second visit to space and he could not believe the changes that are made in a short time, and stressed that in times of pandemic, when everything was complicated to mobilize resources, the organic garden was expanded, as was also They highlighted other work spaces, among them the rotisserie, she also added about the way in which she interacted with INTA, for which an organic chicken coop could be made, she said that the group that accompanied her and she feel happy about it, everything the team was surprised.

She also said that it is difficult to imagine Liberté in other prisons, adding that if you achieved it, other people with the same desire will be able to do the same, knowing the momentum you have and also contacting you.

We always want to generate bridges because we know that they are an example and that has to happen in all spaces, because it is a question of generating and these are not benefits, they are rights that you should already have, I finish with one, all prisons should be as Liberté or they should be called Liberté.

Source: Liberte