In Batan prison

The author was with prisoners from the Batan prison in the Liberté cooperative space.
Dr. Laura Andino who saw the problems of prisoners who, when released, find themselves facing a very distant reality from their entry into prison where they are unable to locate any shelter in labor aspects at the time of their release, for which they could stay in an economic independence he decided to work, together with Xavier “pampa” Aguirreal on a labor law project to turn history around.

Present in jail
Andino, who a few hours ago arrived at the very bowels of the prison, Unit 15 of Batán, and shared a simple lunch with prisoners under a deteriorated and improvised awning that served to soften the impact of the sun at that time of noon, addressed them in the intention to inform about the labor project which was welcomed by those who were in the space belonging to the Cooperativa Liberté, sowing a quota of hope in terms of labor - social reintegration for those who are today behind bars.

Hired by the National State
No differences of any kind.
Prisoners who have access to this job will become part of the national state orbit with a three-year contract and will receive the same benefits as those hired who are not in prison, explained both Andino and Aguirreal.

Tax benefits
The law contemplates tax benefits for private companies that want to contract with the same modality.

Teleworking has been one of the most prominent issues in the context of the coronavirus, since many companies as well as the state have asked their employees to work from home, so there is no impediment for prisoners to do so from jail .

During the message, both Andino and Aguirreal agreed that it is time to disseminate the purposes of the law based on achieving a profound change in a perverse system on prisoners that ultimately has social repercussions and for this, training opportunities must be provided for preparing the release from prison and the law is one of the tools to be used, but for the purpose to be achieved, the real interest of this law must be known, which is the benefit not of some but of the entire social axis.

Understanding of the law and approval
The law must be understood in all its context from its dissemination to be approved not blindly but under a state of real understanding of how beneficial it will be socially speaking and for this reason, both Andino and Aguirreal said, we hope for a prompt approval of it.

Source: cooperativaLIBERTÉ

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