A few hours ago in the “Punto de Paz” restaurant, located in the territory of the Liberté Work Cooperative, an event with reflective characteristics was held about the violent acts that the human being himself generates and must face in order to change.

The conference was coordinated by the CONICET research specialist and facilitator of the bio dance, Claudia Perlo, who develops the program of deep social implication, "Rounds of peace", and different social representatives, prisoners, the Judiciary, the Board of Trustees Released, civil and state organizations, involved with what the confinement generates, the prison and its inhabitants, cooperative entities, representatives of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, INTA agents and other organizations such as Victims for Peace.

On the occasion there was an introductory talk, and later a video was projected, to then move on to the activity called bio dance, where body expressions externalize the situation that the individual is going through and through this practice the person begins to release what that it would be harmful.

At the culmination of the meeting, the attendees hugged each other, greeted each other and exchanged both verbal and corporal expressions through a simple hug, which does nothing more than represent equality among all.

A clear reflection by which it is possible to understand that one is equal to the other, regardless of the past of each one, although from now on they begin to travel in a renewed way where peace is present in their walk, leaving aside those violent behaviors .

Source: Liberte