On the morning of this last Thursday, the table of the aforementioned body that works in the prison, located in the town of Batán, met as it usually does every first Thursday of the month, in this way it deals with the issues that interest the population that is imprisoned in the place.

On this occasion it was with the usual presence of the prisoners who act as pavilion referents, the prison Chaplain, in Unit 15, the Priest, Hernán David, and under the presidency of Nancy Caballero, due to the absence of the head of the Committee, Marcos Franzó , who is in use of license.

From the Zoom platform, Ricardo Augman, the National Penitentiary Office, Emilio Fernández and Andrea, SPB Management, Diana Márquez, Victims for La Paz coordinator, Canela Bella, Mecha Project Organization, and one of the Liberté coordinators participated in this discussion table. .

The visitors on this occasion were the Deputy Chief of the Prison, Martín Ybarra, the Visiting Chief, Jorge Plaza, and the Head of Prison Education and Culture, Valeria Martínez.

The meeting began when the circumstantial coordinator of the committee announced the number of prisoners in the Batán prison, 1,601 housed, of which 38 prisoners are in the isolation sector, known as mailboxes.

This results in a profound concern in general, especially when prisoners continue to be received from other prisons and/or jurisdictions to which the SPB cannot oppose.

In this sense, the coordinator of Liberté recalled the existence of a Habeas Corpus, which is not yet in force, and that, if such a legal situation occurs, it would be possible to stop the entry of prisoners from other jurisdictions and/or prisons, a situation that is happening today and guarantee that income is only produced by those who belong to this jurisdiction, Mar del Plata, for which it is hoped that the number of prisoners who live in this jail will begin to be reduced.

The Deputy Chief of the Prison, Martín Ybarra, present at the meeting, made reference to the more than thirty prisoners who are in the isolation area, recognized by the prison community as "mailboxes", and the uniformed officer pointed out that only three are punished, while the rest are there because they are not received by the referents of pavilions, who due to their turbulent past do not accept them.

Among the points that stand out discussed at the meeting is the project of the penitentiary service, on the companions of the prisoners, who are referred to as "concubines", of which, to resolve, the one that results as a cumbersome process of legal recognition, ( certificate of concubinage), make a certificate of commitment and permanent visit, of the prisoner's partner, for a smooth income when "laundering", the situation of the couple, the aforementioned document is specified in the Prison Headquarters.

However, it was made clear that in the hypothetical case that the prisoner breaks with the couple's commitment and changes that relationship for another, although he must re-whiten the new relationship, before the prison authority and in principle discharge and even being the same woman, but for the entry of this new relationship you must wait thirty days, (30), if the situation is repeated for the second time, now you must wait for the entry of your partner, sixty days, and before a third breakup of a couple relationship, it will be ninety days that the prisoner must wait to receive that visit only there.

The head of the visiting section, Jorge Plaza penitentiary, also expressed himself regarding all types of female visits, who will not be able to enter if they are not linked by blood with the prisoner, as a detail, they hold the same last name or proof of familiarity with East.

In the event that the concubine of the prisoner visits him with another woman, the latter may enter after preparing an audience that will be presented to be duly authorized by the penitentiary service, explaining the modality of her presence, only in this way can that female person enter.

In the case of minor children, they must be accompanied by their parent and the corresponding documentation of both, for which the legality of kinship is accredited and therefore the approval of the minor as a visitor will only be received.

It was made clear that the internal process of the act of concubinage and permanent visit, made in the Headquarters of this Prison, does not serve to present as a formal act of concubinage before the visiting sector, "encounter".

Also the confection of the lockers, (“cajuelas”), which serve to store elements of the visit and will be placed at the entrance of the Visiting office, each visitor must bring their own small padlock, to secure their belongings.

Given the impossibility of gathering the elements for its construction, the referents decided to collaborate