It was during the first meeting of judges held in our cooperative entity.

The Justice of the Peace of the town of La Calera, province of Córdoba, was in the very heart of the Batán prison, where the Liberté Work Cooperative is located, self-managed entirely by prisoners, and said the following:

It is an honor and a pleasure to be sharing this with all of you. This is how the Cordovan magistrate, Ileana Oliva, began the dialogue with us. She also mentioned that she is currently working with adolescents in conflict with criminal law.

He continued saying: The boys here say that prison is hell itself, and from there today we have been able to show a lot of people seeing it from the outside, they are on the other side of the wall, this is a place of peace, meeting, learning, restoration, growth to leave behind that concept of hell itself.

It is to show that these things that are done here are possible, achievable, with the commitment of all the members, with the will with the desire to improve, the desire to grow, to be compassionate with oneself, to be more loving also with oneself, but also with others, the amount of things that they have shown us that are possible, productive things from the material to the emotional as well.

Being better is possible, from these spaces and showing members of society, who with their accusing finger, believe that those who made a mistake cannot make amends.

In this way, the Justice of the Peace of La Calera, a town in the province of Córdoba, ended the interview.

Source: Liberté Press