The authorities at the national level of the aforementioned entity, which already has 34 years of experience, were received by their peers from Liberté, including Carlos and Pampa, secretary and president, respectively, who were also accompanied by the coordinator of the Victims Organization for La Paz, the lawyer Diana Márquez.

Cristian Horton, President of FECOOTRA, (Federation of Worker Cooperatives of the Argentine Republic), its Vice President, Sofía Imeroni and Julio Cesar Fuques, member of the organization, visited all of the Liberté facilities and finally had lunch with directors of our organization in the restaurant, "Punto de Paz", located in the building where our entity operates and where they continued to talk about the work of FECOOTRA and Liberté.

The leaders of the aforementioned federation, which has headquarters in the provincial capital, La Plata, agreed on how amazing it is to observe the ascending development of this organization made up entirely of prisoners and the cooperative spirit that lives in Liberté, in addition to the advances of its production poles in such a short time, for which they congratulated the members of our entity.

Source: Liberté Press