At the recent monthly meeting of the Committee, chaired by the Franzó penitentiary, where the referents of all the pavilions of this unit attend, the head of the meeting, Débora Bongiorno, who was present at the meeting, announced the change in modality regarding shifts and their way of requesting them in person in the aforementioned sector.

He said that due to problems that occurred in the past few days, to avoid them in the future, it has been planned that shifts be requested from a WhatsApp number, which will be announced in the coming days from the meeting of the Peacekeeping Cabinet that will take place next Monday. 5 of the current month.

She also indicated that posters will be placed in this regard in all pavilions to be duly informed.

In addition, in the states of the same application, everything that happens from that area will be reported.

She maintained that this will be a pilot test for a month and after its official announcement, for its adaptation to the new system, they will allow a week to pass for its application.

Source: Liberté Press