I also talk about the problems that arise to enter the health module.


Julieta Torres, who today is the link between the Headquarters and the health area, to attend to the health needs of the prison population, through search engines for solutions to prison conflicts, including the group of health facilitators , spoke with Prensa Liberté in order to report details about the last meeting.

I indicate that on Monday the 30th of the current month, the term will expire, to give answers from the pavilions, on the collection of all these, in order to gather funds, with which the wooden planks can be purchased and thus assembled with the aforementioned material. , the stretchers that will be used for the transfer of the prisoners who will need it, from the pavilions, to the Health area.


In another order of things but giving continuity to the issues related to health, he said about the prison guards, which work at the entrances of Health and that has unleashed a source of conflict due to the treatment that prisoners receive when waiting the entrance to the sanitary module, generally the "penitentiary managers of the health area", have the habit, although fortunately not all of them, pile prisoners in a sector of bars, popularly in the jail, known by the name of "leonera" and there the prisoners must often wait for hours practically in the open, suffering the consequences of the cold.

It should be noted that in these cases the health managers do not discriminate the ages or health conditions of many people, to whom this type of situation will generate negative consequences in terms of their health, we are talking about older people with severe problems, As osteoarthritis, it is highlighted that there are no benches to rest on, and those prisoners of any age with lung problems are also part of the drastic situation.

The excuse of the penitentiary is always the same, they cannot be in the passageway awaiting entry in front of the bars of Health, perhaps they are adjusting to a security protocol, but the circumstances are not given either to wait between bars and windows without glasses, because the consequences can be very severe with the health of these imprisoned patients.

The social worker pointed out that the authorities pertinent to the case promised to talk about these issues again.

In any case, it is necessary to mention that the hands of the clock continue to mark the passage of time, without yet finding an answer in favor of the reception of prisoners in Health.


Torres also spoke about the diverse situations of care, for which he expressed that it is an issue for which they must work because it is known that the sector in question is a primary health care center, to which he added that there is not always doctors and that is why priority is given to the attention of emergency cases that may appear, that is why imprisoned patients are asked for patience when waiting for their attention, of those cases that can wait for your medical attention should not be so urgent.

Source: Liberté Press