Marisa Pombo, is a psychologist, works in the Ministry of Justice of the Nation, from Penitentiary Affairs. Any Acevedo is a lawyer and works as a dialogue facilitator in the context of confinement, in the “Try talking” Program; Both emphasize over and over again being founding members of the cooperative space.

For her part, Marisa said that she was delighted to meet us personally, highlighting that a little over a year ago we interacted from this place with a group of people who have worked with us since the dawn of the formation of the cooperative.

He maintained that seeing those things that we told him in person or through a photo is much more beautiful and is an invitation to continue working, with good vibes, trusting people, overcoming conflicts, it is all very gratifying.

Any said that this is her third time attending Liberté, she acknowledged that she was very moved the first time, meeting them, being able to hug them, seeing the work they do live, for the camaraderie, for seeing all this effort they make, for passing the obstacles they have, from inside and outside, although “I continue to be moved and surprised”, said Any, because of the passion, the effort that they understand we put into all this.

Under the promise of revisiting the place, between laughter and emotions, we said goodbye to both, collaborators and, like them, founding partners.

Source: Liberté Press