Gabriel is a kid who has been a prisoner, for some time in unit 15 of Batán, and works at Liberté, he told us that being in our space, makes him at times forget the context of confinement in which he is, allows him to clear his mind a bit, it feels like a place of peace.

He also reported that he tries to avoid being in the pavilion for a long time, and as soon as the gate opens he goes to work at Liberté, because he stays there most of the day, he works, but he also attends some training workshops.

Gabriel tells us that in Liberté, he works in an area similar to that one, of which he was the owner in his life outside of prison, here he works in the administration of the warehouse and in his working life prior to prison he was the owner of a warehouse.

Although he acknowledges that, although everything works virtually here, via the Internet, knowing how to use computers helped him when it came to doing tasks with the administration and sales system of this Liberté store.

He cites that he has a sentence of 12 years in prison and that he has just served a little over 2 years, adding that luckily, with his family he always maintains the bond, they get along despite the distances, and he and his family try to have a good time On visiting days, they try to enjoy themselves there, to forget the pain imposed by prison.

His gaze gets lost when talking about this topic, and although his voice breaks, he manages to tell us that sometimes, the meetings with his family are usually complicated, at the moment of saying goodbye, this turns out to be something traumatic for all.

Reflection on what Liberté means for the life of an incarcerated person, and points out that it is an opportunity that does not exist everywhere, having this space and being able to enjoy it is a blessing and that is why you have to know how to take advantage of it, to be trained, work, prepare for the day of departure, because at some point that day will come and you have to be prepared.

Source: Liberté Press