As a work cooperative, Liberté received the national registration certificate granted by INAES.

A few hours ago, the president of our work cooperative, "pampa", received the certification document as an entity registered with INAES, (National Institute of Associations and Social Economy), from the hands of the national government official, the specialist in cooperatives and mutuals, the lawyer, Milagros Moya.

The brief, but significant act of delivery, took place in our territory and was received with joy among those present, prior to it a tour of the place, allowed the delegation to observe the work of our space and later, a shared lunch at the restaurant, Punto de Paz, belonging to our space.

Milagros Moya told Prensa Liberté, "we were able to bring the certificate, the diploma that certifies the constitution, the creation, the birth of the cooperative."

Taking what the "pampa" said, the national official told Prensa Liberté, "one thing is to listen to what is said and another thing is to come and see that it is true, in what I fully share, because being here today, going through the work that is done, how it is carried out, is very transformative for each one of us”

To which she added, "it makes us leave here, with another vision, with another look, with another desire to go out and achieve new debates."

He went on to say, "We are really looking forward to working hard, the entire national and provincial state, so that this experience can be replicated, which is nothing more nor less than advancing in the conquest of rights, which have been violated for many years and that it is necessary as a whole society, each and every one of us, to start thinking about what country we want, and how we want the people who live here to be, and in that sense this work is key, because there are many discussions here about health, education, work, food, hygiene, about many rights.”

Today we hear so many things, Milagros Moya pointed out to our website, "we leave with our heads full of challenges, not only for the people who are here but also for the families, who are each in their cities, thinking all day about the people who are here."

“So the state has to rise to the occasion, which is why we understand that making progress in enrollment is very important.”

"At INAES, we believe in these tools, and we greatly celebrate that you have met people to cooperate, from INAES, and that you have decided on the cooperative figure, because as our colleagues say, who also work much for the people who are transiting the prison, and also when they leave, freedom is cooperative.”

Source: Liberté Press