On December 20, during the extraordinary meeting of the Batán UP15 Committee, precisely at the time that two proposals for visiting days were being discussed, whether to continue with the format that was used during the pandemic or return to the system Prior to the protocol, installed for the prevention of the Corona Virus, in the midst of a heated discussion, the reflective word of Diana Márquez, member of the organization, and coordinator of Victims for La Paz, emerged, who alluded to the anniversary, (that same day). , of the birth of the late Judge Mario Juliano, who was since its creation, a strong support for Liberté, on his way to rediscover the dignity of those deprived of liberty, for this reason he was and will continue to be forever, the godfather of our institution.

Words by Diana Márquez about the figure of Mario Juliano:

Today would be Mario Juliano's birthday, and it seems important to me to bring him precisely on this day and in this place, for consideration, because the tables of this committee began with him, he was its creator, and I find it interesting that it be known that the objective of creation, it was always about reducing prison violence, in fact, that is why we are here. I understand that changing prison customs and modalities can be achieved little by little, as possible, because we know that changes are not usually fast, the prison system prevents it from being otherwise, it is already a lot to try to change. Here everyone has to express their opinion, and what I understand is that what is proposed will be put to a vote and the choice of one of the two proposals will arise, and whatever it is, what matters is what the majority chooses.

In this way, the representative of the Victims for Peace organization, Diana Márquez, not only put a cold cloth on the moment, but also brought to mind who the creator of the Committee was and what was the purpose of its creation, (to pacify the prison), in addition to referencing why, both she and the rest, today sit at that table and not for anything else, leaving aside and far behind, that prison identified by violent moments.

Source: Liberté Press