On this occasion it is the Ibero-American Network of Organizational and Work Psychology, who express themselves regarding our organization, specifically what the self-managed cooperative model represents from the very bowels of a maximum security prison such as Unit 15 of Batán, in the district of Gral. Pueyrredón, and they make it known with a document, which has a date of preparation, a few days ago in Asunción, Paraguay.

In brief lines, the note, signed by the coordinator of the entity, (RIPOT), Mercedes Argaña, points out the importance of Liberté's work, which was presented in one of its last congresses, and highlights that our exercise has the support of high houses of study in America and also highlight the importance of the task in the psychological aspect, for which it must be recognized by the field of Organizational and Work Psychology.

This document is transcribed below:

                                                                                                                                                                                              Asunción, January 12, 2023



- The Liberté collective constituted in 2014 as a self-managed solidarity movement within Unit No. 15 of the Maximum Security Penitentiary Complex of Batán belonging to the Penitentiary Service of the Province of Buenos Aires – Republic of Argentina. Today it constitutes a cooperative that develops a relevant socio-educational and labor activity.

- The activities carried out there are accredited by different National and International Universities, where students, professionals and researchers carry out their academic practices.

- The Liberté cooperative has been selected as a unique and reputable case study and presented at the Vll CIAPOT Congress of our entity, by one of our members of the Network.

- This experience has a strong impact on the development of the subjectivity of persons deprived of liberty with a view to improving the mental health of the population within confinement.

Due to the above, our institution considers that this experience needs to be recognized and validated within the field of Organizational and Work Psychology.

Therefore, it is resolved to declare of interest the activities carried out within the framework of the Liberté Cooperative of the Maximum Security Penitentiary Unit No. 15 of Batán, belonging to the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service of the Argentine Republic.

Without another particular, I greet you attentively,

mercedes argana


RIPOT 2022-2023.

Source: Liberté Press