The Magistrate, who arrived at Penal Unit 15 of Batán, to inspect in person, along with other members of the Prison Monitoring Committee, specifically the issue of health, bromatology, going through the prison kitchen, warehouse and other areas involved and so on. take real knowledge of how the health service and the issue of food are being fulfilled, a situation that will be finally specified, after the collection of samples and the analysis and discussion within the intervening evaluation commission.
Although he toured some pavilions, together with some food science inspectors and officials from La Plata, to assess the health situation of the prisoners, he did not miss the opportunity to reach the Liberté territory, located right inside the prison.
With the workers of Liberté

He and the rest of the components of this commission were received by the coordinators of the space and immediately afterwards he went to the entity's meeting room, where the workers were waiting for him.
Viñas, I listen carefully to the prisoners who carry out work and training tasks in our cooperative, who exposed the health ailments that afflict them, especially for a long time and who cannot find a way out, given the timely request that they usually make in the prison. sector called "Health"
From everything I have heard, I take note to raise the cases, to whom it may concern, after offering a series of explanations about the health system that exceeds the prison service, although always without leaving the state orbit, where inexplicable problems arise about the predisposition to care for prisoners in external health centers, even with the intervention of justice itself, demanding the care of those who needed it on the required occasion.
The need for a hospital center inside the prison
He also referred to the need to start the prison hospital service, although I note the situation, that although today there is a sanitary module, in this unit, the structure is built with flimsy walls, for which, with respect to to security, there should be a penitentiary for each inmate, something that he does not see feasible, as a possibility of concretion.
Tour of Liberté
Subsequently, Judge Viñas and the judicial delegation, with prison custody, invited by the references of our cooperative, began a path of recognition of the place, for which reason, with each step he took, he was surprised by what he saw and heard, as a way of explanation, as well as those who accompanied him.
The memory for the late Judge Mario Juliano
Viñas, after learning about the space, of which he said he had no prior knowledge of its existence, was pleasantly surprised, at the time of telling him, about the daily delivery system (at noon) of food prepared on the spot, And thus benefiting some 60 prisoners who go to Liberté daily to work, the magistrate launched the phrase, "Mario must be watching this from heaven", making a clear allusion to the figure of whoever was the Judge. Juliano, physically disappeared, although present in each of Liberté's achievements, since he was the promoter of this management, as the "godfather" of the place, since its genesis.
Judge Esteban Viñas invited those who make up Liberté to continue working, pointing out, "because this is very good."
Source: Liberté Press