With the support of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work, a group of educators visited our cooperative to start the second year of the successful Saberes Libres Chair. More than 80 members of Liberté attended the class, held in the beautiful outdoor space of Liberté, next to the fish pond and the green area that surrounds it.

We thank the management and leadership of Penal Unit 15 for arranging the permits and providing security and good attention to the people who entered. 🙏🏼🚪🔑

Luciana Patiño, coordinator of the Community Networks Strengthening Program of the Extension Secretariat of the faculty, shared her satisfaction with the beginning of the chair in this new year. The first session focused on natural products, such as ointments and oils, made with herbs from our garden to improve the quality of life and care for health. 🌱💚

Natalia and Angie, from the Food Sovereignty Program under the university rectorate, and Susana, from the extension team, also accompanied the development of the session. 🌻🍅

The next class will be on May 18 and will focus on the topic "Access to Justice," with the special participation of Judge Juan Tapia. ⚖️📖

The Saberes Libres Chair sessions are held once a month, although on some occasions there may be two workshops in the same month, as will happen soon with a class on making solid soap and shampoo. 🧼🚿

Source: Aires de Liberté Press 📰