Oscar Fernández, Director of the Library of the National University of Mar del Plata was in our cooperative.

The person in charge of the cultural space, made reference to the work that is carried out in self-management mode from our entity and with the promise of spreading the message.

For this reason, I have come this far to join the initiative of our cooperative to the cultural event, indicating that it will give the possibility of making visible to the city of Mar del Plata, and the region, the different activities that each library has been carrying out.

I mention some libraries that are involved in this event, such as Malvinas Argentinas Santa Clara del Mar, Gladys Smith from Bosque Alegre, from the Nicolás Avellaneda neighborhood, from the Belgrano neighborhood, from Laguna de Los Padres, the library of the University, the library of the Republican Center Spanish, and the Central Library of the National University of Mar del Plata.

Those, he says, will be, the libraries that will be part of "The night of the libraries", some will make a musical intervention, others literary, others will narrate history, others will do a workshop on oligami, podcast, where they will tell the history and news of the library of the neighborhood that they represent, for this reason, I mention that it seems very important to the library of the Liberté Cooperative to participate in this cultural event.

Sharing work experiences, which he found extremely interesting, understanding this is extremely interesting for the community.

Source: Radio online Aires de Libertè