The conferences that are held for the second consecutive year, in our Liberté work cooperative, and are dictated by professors linked to the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Workers, from the National University of Mar del Plata, through the university extension , were present in the Punto de Paz room, belonging to the entity, before the attendance of students who also work as workers of the self-management cooperative entity.

Luciana Patiño, who acts as coordinator, of the event of cultural characteristics in dialogue with us, and together with Angi and Natalia of the food sovereignty program of the National University of Mar del Plata and Susana who is a partner of Saberes Libres, who assists in the different workshops, described the importance of learning from this practice.

We immediately begin the dialogue with Mariana, who tells us that they usually call her by her pseudonym, “tuti”. She has a business on handmade cosmetics, and was in charge of running the class.

She said that it was the first time that she was in Liberté, and that she was also very happy and excited.

Regarding the workshop provided, I point out that they were able to make and demonstrate how solid soaps and shampoos are made, thus achieving an interesting combo, which presumably will be able to accompany the offer of the already existing soap dishes, built in a single piece of wood. , totally ecological.

In turn, "toti" highlighted the interest and participation shown by the students at the time of providing knowledge of artisanal cosmetology.

She also maintained that learning to make handmade cosmetics is a gateway to marketing, to generate employment, and also to solve something fundamental for all people, which is personal hygiene.

Source: Radio Aires de Liberté