It happened a few hours ago when a truck from the aforementioned ministerial portfolio arrived at Unit 15 of Batán to enter Liberté territory.

The articulator of Social Development of the Nation, in the city of Mar del Plata, Diego García, was again in the Liberté cooperative with his work team, made up of three young people, Renata Toledo, Camila Servino and Rocío Avila.

The Social Development transport arrived loaded with zinc sheets, wooden straps and non-perishable food.

The sheets and the wooden braces that were received by the president of our cooperative institution and its secretary, "pampa and Carlitos", respectively, served to finish roofing a work sector, belonging to our space, while the food did not perishables, are destined for the Liberté kitchen to continue providing daily lunches for the cooperative's workers.

Meanwhile, Cooperativa Liberté donated food from its organic garden, consisting of vegetables for community kitchens, in order to reinforce the meals that are provided from there to people with food needs.

Source: Liberté cooperative