Jimena Falco: "When you arrive at this space you feel freedom even if you are free in your day to day."

Interviews in Liberté territory

The lawyer Jimena Falco who together with the Psychologist Ricardo Augman make up the list of advisers of our space and work to materialize the document, arrived in jail and held some interviews.

She said that a happy initiative was undertaken to document the incredible story of the enterprise, now converted into a cooperative.

Need to document

The main objective is to tell the story, adding that in all its aspects, that the arrival is easier, thus entering the knowledge of how this place was formed and how it works and how it could be replicated so that people who have contact with the prison world take it into account and people who are deprived of liberty in other spaces of the province or the country can also see how it is the mechanics to get from a self-managed project to a cooperative constituted with registration and with a possibility that it will be the economic income of people deprived of liberty and go from having to ask their families for assistance to being able to help them and also explain that this is a space with greater freedom or less restrictions on freedoms that should not really be part of the sentence.

Punitivism and oppression of the system

Falco also said that, like Augman, he already had a job, an arrival in different prison areas, both in the province and in the federal system, and they could see how punitivism, the oppression of the system annuls people in areas far beyond deprivation. of freedom and that when one arrives at Liberté from the outside, even if one is free on a day-to-day basis, one can feel freedom.

Personal interest in knowing history

Jimena maintained that she felt the interest in telling that this space exists within unit 15 of Batán and even to be the bridge to replicate it and everything arose back in 2019 after making her first visit. Investigating, knowing more about the reason for the existence of Liberté led her to listen to the stories of the personal experience with the institutional of both "pampa and carlitos", (today president and secretary of the Liberté cooperative, respectively).

History in a book

That irrepressible desire to document the story in a format adaptable to anyone grew more and more and the arrival of Augman gave more strength to that possibility, so much so that finally the conviction of spreading the story from a book was reached and despite During the pandemic times, work continued via zoom and today the interviews with the protagonists are carried out to obtain more testimonies that provide data for the book's preparation.

He also indicated that he plans to finish the book as soon as possible and that he is working hard and for this he understands that it is better to do the interviews on a personal level like those achieved in the last few hours, something that the Covid would not allow back in December of last year. .

Finally, regarding the question about whether a cover for this book has already been thought of, he answered yes, but that he prefers to keep that as a surprise for now.

Source: cooperativaLIBERTÉ