After having passed through Liberté territory on the occasion of the meeting of judges on a special day, on July 9, we were able to journalistically address Judge Roberto Conti, who belongs to the Court of Lomas de Zamora, Oral Court in Criminal No. 7.

On the occasion he made reference to the progress of our cooperative.

I have known Liberté for a long time and I was able to see the beginnings and the way they have advanced, seeing everything they have done and what they are doing, the magistrate mentioned at the beginning, and went on to say, the warehouse is impressive, and all the cooperative, one hundred percent self-managed, that does not depend on anyone, that is very important.

It is necessary to replicate it, I have been asking many questions to be able to raise it in another unit, for this I have consulted the penitentiaries to know how the start-up really is and listen not only to your commitment, but also how the service in the pavilions turns out , to know what benefit the store brings them, that the family does not have to go through all the things that it has to go through, avoid the issue of searches, due to the issue of the delay in the entry of the visit, it seems very important to me and necessary.

I think it would have to be a state policy more than anything, a public policy that begins to replicate this in all prison units, or at least to start one per complex, so that everything positive that is seen can begin to be measured reflected here and it shows that it is not a prison.

At times one feels that one is not in what is a prison, of what always brings darkness, of hell itself as you say, and as if everything brings a little more clarity to that darkness, and everything that one knows what lives in a context of confinement, this comes to bring a mantle of clarity and tranquility, not only that and begin to give peace of mind and dignify people, through the commitment of the word, of work.

You told us that many boys had never worked before, and suddenly they find themselves working, here, in the administration, in the claims part, which is purchasing, that is, beginning to believe that a change is possible and betting on it. , that it begins to spread throughout the prison environment, so that the commitment is felt more, both from the person who is deprived of liberty, as well as from society and the system itself.

Source: Liberté Press