Note No. 09/22.
Neuquén, capital city, September 05, 2022.-
Library "Trabun Mapu" (Land of encounter)
One life less, another and another..., how many more must be cut short, so that this and other relevant issues are dealt with, in relation to this context and political decisions are made that are capable of changing the course of people in a pathological state that disturbs the senses? A preamble to the madness exhibited by a pilgrimage towards an inexorable destiny.

We refuse to allow our passage through this confinement to pass through the cable car of complicit silence, to turn our lives into a battered link in a rusty chain in obsolete and corroded machinery. What consequences we intend to warn so that our offspring do not travel the path we have known, a bad experience of which we are aware, are the product of our choices.

Following the approach of our position in the face of the tragic event on Tuesday (08-30-2022), and Saturday (09-03-2022). We question the sclerotic and routine forms of confinement that cause severe and colossal damage, we are facing a new manifestation of unconsciousness and we question the police institution for the lack of responses to our claims. We have ahead of us, a shell that supposes a verticalism that dominates everything, incapable of proposing something different. There are many mistakes that are committed in the name of "security measures", without any of the political and institutional leaders daring to make decisions that can renew the forms of intervention during the trajectory of the confinement of the people who serve sentences and in this we must include to the institutions: the Executive, Justice,
Legislative and its intervening tentacles. Furthermore, it seems that the administration of corporate violence puts pressure on the civil and institutional actors that get involved with our proposals, or could it be that they do not dare to listen to our demands for better conditions in prison, because that means going against what instituted and that causes fear? Meanwhile, we adapt and adapt to unworthy confinement conditions, demonstrating acceptance of a quasi-normality of oppression. This lack of objectives unleashes a series of problems that affects the prison population and in its course to society in general, demonstrates the inability to act in pursuit of envisioning alternatives of interposition.
This decline inscribes us in unprecedented challenges to all the intervening actors, through the creation of spaces for participation and proposals in pursuit of reparation.

There is a horizon of possibilities to break down the real and symbolic barriers that confinement imposes on those of us who find ourselves deprived of liberty. One of the potential paths -and ambitious- is to expose our perspective from the knowledge of the field (confinement), we believe that the life experience related in the first person will be very valuable for the strengthening of initiatives in the search to "create possible scenarios" to the beginning of the change that we have proposed.

Those of us who subscribe We take responsibility for our mistakes and we are far -in colloquial terms- from avoiding the bulge, but for some time we have been proposing actions that result in the reconstitution of our dignity.

We ask for support and accompaniment to all people with social commitment.

Students and workers with penal conditions, housed in U11, of this city: Carlos A. Rojas. Antonio H. Cortez. Daniel Landaeta. Gerardo Vallejos. Lin Rodriguez.
Marco Fontan Guzman. David M. Condori.