The wife of the physically disappeared, Judge Mario Juliano, said at the opening of the Punto de Paz restaurant in Liberté that this situation made her feel very emotional and happy.

He continued by saying that frankly he understood that the legacy that Mario left behind was being fulfilled to the letter, adding that minutes before the interview, he felt that he could not get out of his astonishment and wondered to what extent this was true what was happening, he remarked that the name point of peace was beautiful and that he saw it through Juliano, in his mind, present at that time and place.
She also felt proud to have been in her life, understanding that something similar is felt by those who knew him.
She pointed out that they are all seeds of Mario Juliano, and that is why things like this happen, for which she was very happy. I also congratulate Pampa and Diana, who work hard to carry all this forward.
She told us that the duel is over and that the first year cost her a lot, understanding that it is time to enjoy everything that is seen and she could not in primary times since the death of her husband, outline a single word, because of the sadness , but now he is already past that limit of the first stage and thus enjoys all the good things that Mario has left behind.
Source: Liberté Press