Self-management thus manages to make a qualitative leap in its growth policy. This investment is intended for the carpentry sector.


First Productive Pole Self-managed by Prisoners: the agreement between Liberté and Mutual Independencia was signed, without a doubt, this is a huge step that is being taken, thinking of reaching the goals of our entity, but it is even more so when we talk about that dream , promoted by our eternal godfather, Mario Juliano

A few hours ago, an important agreement was signed between our cooperative and Mutual Independencia.

On behalf of Asociación Mutual Independencia, José Daniel Peloni and Raúl Miguel Rodríguez, president and secretary, respectively, while Pampa and Carlitos, president and secretary, respectively, of our entity signed on behalf of Cooperativa de Trabajo Liberté.

It was this, a first agreement by mutual agreement, by which Liberté is allowed to continue advancing with the production pole.

Without a doubt, the figure that stood out among the participants of the event, due to his investiture, was Alexandre Roig, president of INAES, although there were many people who participated in the event from the Zoom platform, who in one way or another contribute daily, elbow side by side, together with us for the strengthening of our institution.

For obvious reasons, the members of the Board of Directors of Cooperativa Liberté, its president, Xavier "pampa" Aguirreal, the secretary, Carlos T. and its trustee, Ariel T., were from the group, the president of Mutual Independencia, José Daniel Peloni, the secretary of the institution, Raúl Miguel Rodríguez. There was also the important presence of Alberto Bavestrello, from the Argentine Federation of Credit Cooperatives and vice president of Cooperar, founding member of the Liberté cooperative.

Words from the president of Mutual Independencia

We put into practice the principles and values ​​that unite these entities, based on solidarity, based on mutual aid, collaboration between our entities, through this agreement that we are going to sign, understanding that the AMI has collaborated in the best way possible, so that the Liberté Work Cooperative can give impetus to this interesting productive activity, providing it with the financing of a capital good, and establishing a very convenient form of amortization, linked to the production of the goods.

The representative members of the Mutual, represented today in my person, are very happy to be able to celebrate this agreement in this way, we send our greetings to the working boys of the Liberté Cooperative, may they have the success they deserve, and I wish them long existence to Liberte.

Words from the President of Liberté

The "pampa" thanked Alberto Bavestrello for the enormous play on words, which gives us credit and has credit, which is synonymous with trust, which is the message that most reaches our souls, especially those of us who are here in jail and that in general, people do not trust.

The one who first trusted us was Mario Juliano, our eternal godfather, now deceased, who would be very happy about this. With this we will be able to start up, professionally, carpentry, making laser cuts.

He then remembered the beginnings of Liberté where they made wooden wall clocks, and they had to make laser cuts, with high precision, having to outsource to another company because they did not have the tool for that purpose, for which he did not rule out the possibility of resuming that activity, which gave Liberté so many good times.

He also thanked Alexandre Roig, head of INAES, of whom he said that due to political decisions or institutional decisions, they allowed and allowed Liberté to be the first cooperative with its imprisoned board of directors, for which, this gave rise to the contagion of groups of prisoners from Argentina, who are already on the same path, indicating that there are already other cooperatives formed, for which he once again thanked the trust given.

Message from the head of INAES

At closing time, the head of the government entity, Mr. Alexandre Roig, also had his space, who, among other words, said that for approximately fifteen years, he has been working in prisons, such as Unit 48 of San Martín, and That is why this moment can well be said to be where the prison environment is combined with the cooperative and mutual world, to which he added, being, as an added value, the word liberté, referring to our cooperative and its translation, freedom, in this eventuality, for which it seemed to him that a totally new path is being marked out in the country, which is growing, in numerous spaces. I also quote that this situation is very stimulating, and I know . I also mention that this situation is very stimulating, and I feel grateful for allowing him to be part of this moment, pointed out the state leader.


Eduardo Bilbao, Independence Cooperative.

Criminal Enforcement Judge, Itatí Zudaire, Province of San Luis, First Circumscription.

Mónica Panelli, lawyer and member of Credicoop.

Jaime Saavedra, Uruguayan, friend of Cooperativa Liberté.

Aimé Silva, a member of the Center for Judicial Studies, of the National University of Lomas de Zamora, and works in the judicial body of the same place.

Any Acevedo, lawyer, dialogue facilitator, of the Nation's Penitentiary Office, in the context of confinement and founding member of the Cooperativa Liberté.

Juan Pablo Palmieri, a student in prison at the Manuel Belgrano University Center of Penitentiary Unit 38, Sierra Chica, and a member of the radio program Telarañas.

Graciela Brinztein, pro-treasurer of Cooperar's Gender Committee, is a member of the Argentine Federation of Credit Cooperatives and is a founding member of Cooperativa Liberté.

Dailo González, student in a confinement context and member of the radio program, Telarañas.

Marita Suarez, member of the Federation of Work Cooperatives, FECOOTRA, former agent for the promotion of cooperativism in the context of confinement from the aforementioned entity.

Cecilia Pintos, from Canada, student of the Action Training program, belonging to the PPN.

Diana Márquez, coordinator of Víctimas por La Paz, close collaborator of Liberté and member of the Liberté cooperative.

Jimena Falco, close collaborator, and member of the Liberté cooperative.

Mariela Martínez, a student in a confinement context, in Unit 52 of Azul.

Pablo Ruggeri, vice president of the FAC, founding member of the Liberté cooperative.

Josefina Ignacio, godmother of Cooperativa Liberté, Commissioner of the National Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

Marisa Pombo, founding member of the Liberté cooperative.

Miguel García Camacho, is a member of the Argentine Federation of Credit Cooperatives and the Mutual and Cooperativa Independencia.

Ezequiel Machuca, and Leonardo, recycling workers in a confinement context, heading for cooperative training.

Alba Navas, ACIFAD.

Irma Carrizo, film director, INCAA, Villa María, Córdoba.

Roberto Conti, Judge of TOC 7, of Lomas de Zamora, director of the Center for Judicial Studies of Lomas de Zamora.

Ricardo Augman, National Penitentiary Office, founding member of Cooperativa Liberté.

Natalia Ríos, represents the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, currently works at Liberté.

Julio César Fuque, president of Cooperativa Kbrones and member of FECOOTRA.

Source: Liberté Press