They form a work cooperative.

Prensa Liberté, came to this space, located in the Batán prison, to talk with members of the sector, in order to learn about the various activities that have been taking place there.

On the occasion, we were able to talk with Facundo Peralta, who is a reference for the place, who told us about a variety of tasks carried out during the course of this year.

Peralta told us that they could name several objectives that would already be counted as achievements of this 2022, among which the one that is related from the university extension where a project was approved, which will bring a diversity of courses, which can be offered and developed within this space.

braille workshop

Those who work in this workshop are the prisoners themselves, Peralta tells us, who bring the materials to accomplish the tasks and happily recounts that they have already made five books with this type of writing for the blind that will be donated to a 505 school.

Cooperative taking Liberté as an example

He also comments, another of the good news and it is the formation of a cooperative, on a project that was born in the very bowels of, "La Pastoral", and adds in advance that this is related to the Liberté replication.

The profile of the cooperative will be work and will be based on the activity of a carpentry, developing handicrafts, for which they have been assigned, from the penitentiary, a sector located in maximum workshops, which, although small in size, will serve to give the first steps.

They aspire to have something bigger, because a sewing workshop is also planned, and it is also intended to give training courses which would be offered by trainers who come from organizations from the outside world.

In his account, he makes it clear that beyond the implementation of a cooperative, within the space, its basic activities are related to studies, training, university and he speaks of progress, in that sense.

Post-pandemic times and face-to-face

Regarding the university studies that in the COVID stage, it was possible to study through the internet, today after overcoming the pandemic situation, that was cut and now everything is in person, which causes inconveniences for those who wish to continue studying the different careers, such is the case of nursing, which wishes that it has been truncated and that at the time of claiming, the authorities of the faculty argue that they do not have the necessary tools, so that they continue studying.

For now, we are trying to reach an agreement with an entity to be able to do internships, for example nursing, from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work, which, when returning to face-to-face training, harmed us.

But we did not stay still in that and we were able to find alternative careers, such as Agricultural Sciences, which is distance learning and today there are about 20 students enrolled in that faculty, and we must thank the head of Culture and Education of the SPB, I managed to unlock a documentation.

University technical degree in digital journalism, is another of the studies that could not be completed due to going to face-to-face and other studies that were emerging in the pandemic framework, today they cannot be continued from the context of confinement.

Source: Liberté Press