They verified the self-management and permanent development of our productive pole.

A group of cooperative experts arrived in our Liberté territory, who after making a tour of the interior of the space, positively analyzed the work of our entity.

This is José Hernán Orbaiceta, honorary director of Cooperar, former member of the INAES directory for Cooperar and member of the Cooperating Cooperative Municipalities network together with Marita Suárez (ACCEL - Fecootra), promoter of Cooperativism with PPL and Liberated.

Elsa Haydee Miori and Aitor Pascual, both from the Administrative Council of the Mar del Plata Home Care Cooperative and also members of FECOOTRA, completed the list of this group of visitors.

For her part, Miori introduced herself as the president of the cooperative entity Home Caregivers of Mar del Plata Ltda., and explains that the task they do is to care for older adults in homes, she adds that they have been in existence for ten years, she also indicates that In the beginning there were only ten members and to date they reached one hundred and fifty workers, and there is an exception, there are one hundred and thirty women and twenty men.

He said that the important thing is to talk about this experience that is being lived, which is going to serve for many things, and that I emphasize, to be really moved, by the work, the responsibility, the seriousness, thinking, as far as possible, even if the seed is small, recount every experience outside of prison, because it is worth doing so.

Suarez tells us that he was around these parts, many years ago, when Liberté was in its infancy, around 2014, it was a workshop where they made watches, he was part of the cooperative movement. Her move in cooperativism started from FECOOTRA, she tells us, to do cooperative training, which is why they arrived at Unit 15, at that time.

She recounted having always closely followed the development of Liberté, and also points out that she participated in our first diploma course, she also mentioned feeling united by affection, admiration, the work they carry out, and she emphasizes that when they started cooperativism in a confinement context , was done with detainees and family members and in that case the first cooperative was Kbrones.

Then a lot of cooperatives have been generated, Marita Suarez pointed out, with free people, and I remark about our experience carried out with a Board of Directors, made up of detainees, this is the first experience, that can be known, recognizing that it is this an initiative different from those beginning about twelve years ago, referring to cooperatives in the context of confinement.

Finally, Aitor Pascual from the caregivers' cooperative, pointed out that this whole world of cooperativism is fascinating, pointing out that he has been living this experience in Argentina for five years, where he happens to be an associate member of the aforementioned cooperative and a member of the administrative council. , extending to our entity, considered that it is a conscientiously created project, understanding that this is a replica model.

Source: Liberté Press