The Chief of the Penitentiary Service of the province of Buenos Aires, Dr. Xavier Areses, arrived at unit 15 of Batán, and entered the Liberté territory, where after touring it, he was able to verify the progress of the daily self-management of our entity.

In dialogue with Prensa Liberté, he pointed out: we are touring, seeing the notable advances that have been registered in different areas of activities, which they develop and very happy and very satisfied with everything that has been done, which gives us the strength to continue developing this. I think that there has been a very interesting synergy between different areas of society, which somehow collaborate, contribute ideas, INTA, with all its training, it is incredible how the garden has grown, it is incredible how the textile workshop has grown, as the path to follow has been widening.

It not only occurs in this prison unit, but in the rest of the units in the province, where different initiatives are being developed that mark that the institution is going to a different place.

It is being projected into the future and the people deprived of their liberty are incorporating knowledge, they are in full activity, and once they are released, they will be ready to start a new stage in their lives.

Judge Julian

Regarding the late criminal judge, he pointed out and Liberté's godfather: of course, Mario's presence is in all areas, both in this unit and in all the units where the conflict resolution and solution Committee is developed, which is good to highlight that, in these two years of implementation, of development of the Committee, we are having the lowest records of prison violence, since violence in prisons was recorded, fifteen years ago.

There is the spirit of Mario, his initiatives, his dreams, and all the people who have collected precisely the initiatives that Mario promoted in life, are carrying it forward and who have him as a reference and a symbol.

Replication in prisons, regarding what was done by Liberté

It is opportune and necessary, because prison systems always live from crisis to crisis. It is very important to highlight, with this management of the Minister of Justice, Dr. Alak, of all the initiatives that are carried out in prisons, we have a horizon and a specific objective, of development progress, as I said before, of projecting the institution on another level, which can take on the challenges of the present, but also that challenging future for all of us, which requires creativity, which requires initiative, which requires inventiveness and above all teamwork, because beyond the issues budgets that are always current and amenable, developing ideas, working as a team, implementing valid initiatives, does not necessarily refer to the budget, it is a matter of will, it is a matter of "opening up" the prison units to dialogue and dialogue as the main piece of prison management and also of the management of all these initiatives and all these, which are being developed in the prison system.

Source: Liberté Press