In dialogue with the specialized agricultural technician, Mauricio Navarro, who arrived at Liberté, along with his co-worker, Silvia Pessolano, told us how the state organization faces this 2023, and also briefly reviewed what the government left behind. last year.

"At INTA we are starting the autumn-winter 2023 campaign," Navarro told us and went on to say, "now we are thinking of placing the seeds in the orchard before autumn."

Regarding a balance of 2022, he said: “it has been a very positive year, taking stock, it turned out very well, with a lot of work and a lot of effort, we were able to overcome the difficult thing”

Regarding Liberté, he said that he reached a stage of great productivity in regards to the orchard, and things are in sight, the work the effort and as a result the excellent production.

He also expressed himself about the crop, noting that there is a high rate of health in the crop, achieved in our organic garden, while adding that there is an immediate replacement of the crop, where something is removed and replaced with another crop, that means that there is a work that is somehow mechanized and systematized, which makes things flow more and more and it is possible to bet on an efficient productive system of yield, as can be seen, with good commercial quality in kilos.

Finally, he also mentioned that everything motivates a lot, despite the fact that it was a very difficult year with many difficulties, which is why it was a very positive balance.

About the work of family gardens, he commented that in the year that he left, many families bet on the garden in their homes, there was a high demand for seeds.

Taking advantage of the free spaces, with the technical help of INTA, it was possible to establish vegetable gardens for those who perhaps had never had the possibility to do so, the economic crisis that affects employment and pockets, has brought the modality of creating their own food where we usually step on the land, fortunately it is a good way out, for those who are unemployed today or the salary is not enough, today they can plant their own vegetables.

The quality of the food also plays a role in this demand, there are many inquiries from people who associate themselves with this work of growing their own food.

Source: Liberté Press