Jorge Taylor, was in charge of it, after having toured and corroborated that everything was in order with regard to the facilities for food production.

"We arrived with the purpose of evaluating the building structure, health risks and also the equipment of the cooperative, elements that it arranged to be able to be enabled as a small community artisanal food production unit," said the inspector of the ministerial portfolio.

Consequently, Taylor, I qualify the enterprise of our cooperative, under the name of "PUPAA Community", which, I add, is a scheme that has been in force in the province since 2020, through a resolution signed by Minister Javier Rodríguez, from the government headed by Axel Kicillof, containing and giving opportunities for inclusion to smaller-scale producers, but under sanitary, bromatological control.

He also ruled favorably on the conditions offered today by the facilities of our cooperative entity, being favorable to grant the authorization.

Source: Radio Aires de Liberté